• Teak and Varnish Services
    – Clean bleach and apply teak oil/stain

    – Strip, sand and refinish varnished surfaces Bottom Cleaning
    – Clean bottom and sides of vessel
    – Monitor and replace sacrificial zinc anodes- Monitor bottom paint condition
  • Topside Detailing
    – Compound, polish and wax exterior fiberglass
    – Clean and polish stainless steel and brass
    – Clean and apply protectant to vinyl and isinglass
  • Interior Cleaning
    – Dust and polish all furniture and woodwork
    – Vacuum carpeting
    – Clean head and gallery
    – Linen service available upon request
  • Exterior Wash Downs
    – Clean exterior from top of vessel to waterline
    – Clean and dry all vinyl upholstery

  • Electronics
    – Sales, installation, trouble shooting and repair of communication, navigation and entertainment systems
  • Engine and Generator Service
    – Service engines and generator at recommended manufacturer intervals
    – Engine, generator oil and filter changes
    – Engine, generator fuel and air filter changes
  • Monthly Maintenance Programs
    – Board vessel and check all systems
    – Run main engines and generator
    – Includes written inspection report with recommended repairs
  • Canvas, Upholstery and Carpeting
    – Canvas and upholstery cleaning and or replacement
    – Carpet cleaning and or replacement
    – Custom work available
  • Sanitation Systems and Toilets
    Sales, Service and Installation for all major brands
    – Sealand Vacuflush
    – Sealand Masterflush
    – Sealand Parts and Accessories
    – Raritan Toilets and Repair Parts
    – Raritan Water Heaters
    – Jabsco Toilets and Repair Parts
    – Torrid Water Heaters
    – Seaward Water heaters
    – Water Maker Sales and Service
    – Water Pump Systems
    – Bilge Systems

Get First Class Marine Plumbing Service at Newport Beach

Imagine yourself out on a beautiful sunny day, sailing your yacht and enjoying the sea breeze, when suddenly a plumbing failure occurs and ruins a perfectly wonderful boating experience. Don’t let this inconvenience happen to you. The integrity of your yacht’s plumbing system is vital to its operation because a simple plumbing failure in your on-board system can lead to something serious and even disastrous.

An exclusive top notch monthly maintenance program, such as the one offered by Newport Beach Yacht Services, includes board vessel and systems check, running main engines and generator, as well as a written inspection report with recommended repairs. Our marine maintenance and repair service also includes engine and generator service ensuring your vessel’s condition by checking engines and generator at recommended manufacturer intervals along with oil, fuel, and filter changes.

We mentioned about plumbing problems that could cause you headaches during an otherwise fun boating adventure. Look no further because Marine Plumbing Newport Beach is here to provide you with excellent and superior sanitation systems and toilet sales, service, and installation for all major brands.

Safety is a primary concern for us and to ensure smooth sailing we can take care of your electronics. We can help you with sales, installation, troubleshooting, and repair of communication, navigation and entertainment systems.

We also take pride keeping your prized possession looking brand-new with exterior wash downs by cleaning the exterior from the top of the vessel to waterline and cleaning and drying all vinyl upholstery. In addition to that, we also do interior cleaning by dusting and polishing all furniture and woodwork, vacuuming your carpet, cleaning head and gallery and even do linen service if requested. Our bottom cleaning also involves side cleaning as well as monitoring and replacing sacrificial zinc anodes and monitoring bottom paint conditions.

Newport Beach Yacht Services also performs topside detailing with compound, polish and wax exterior fiberglass, cleaning and polishing stainless steel and brass, and clean and applying protectant to vinyl and isinglass. We also offer teak and varnish services by cleaning with bleach and applying teak oil/stain, stripping, sanding, and refinishing varnished surfaces. Not only that but we also address your precious yacht’s canvas, upholstery and carpeting needs with any cleaning and/or replacement requirements.

Custom work is also available. Just give us a call or contact us at (949) 207-6898.